January 29, 2011

Dear Golden Boy, again...

Dear Golden Boy:

I am pleased to say, and show, that we are okay and still together. We are working things out and progressing along. I have finished the back segment. (I have yet to actually measure this on the back of the person for whom it is meant. But we'll work these things out one thing at a time.) We'll call you 25% complete. Just the front, two sleeves (that are hopefully, at least, approximately the same length), collar and finishing left. Darling Golden Boy clearly we are not out of the woods yet. Maybe I'll work on a sleeve next.
However, in the sake of full disclosure, I must confess to yet another indescretion. Okay, I seem to have stumbled onto a steep and slippery slope here. I used to be a solid one project at a time kind of girl but now... I'm starting to spread myself around a little bit. And I have to say it feels pretty good.

This is my new project, started this morning, Cabled V-Neck Slipover. (From Debbie Bliss, Fall/Winter 2008 magazine.) I am knitting this with Debbie Bliss Como yarn. It is beautiful yarn. The yarn is thick and so very soft. The colour is a very light blue-grey. This is knit on big needles and is my first time with chunky weight wool.
I may never go back to thin wool knit with tiny needles. I feel like a speed knitter. I'm cocky in having finished over 7" of knitting in an afternoon.
So Golden Boy, we will make it through these hard times. We will. Just a little bit slower now than before. The Green Cabled Shoulder Bag is still in the queue and as you saw it last. In fact, after my confession I put the shoulder bag away and tucked in and finished the back of Golden Boy.
So maybe all this straying will be productive... I'm just saying.
With Love,

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