January 26, 2011

If I had a hammer...

So Scott and Finn were outside last night working on stuff in the garage. Scott was using a hammer to reinstall the rubber along the bottom of our garage doors. (The rain from the night before caused the rubber to freeze in place and rip off when we opened the doors the next day. Thus the need to fix it.)

Finn decided he wanted to pound on things with a hammer too. So he went over to Scott's tool box and helped himself to a ballpeen hammer and asked Scott what he could pound. Scott directed him to the ice on the sidewalk. Finn happily set to pounding away.

Scott finished with the garage door and went to the backyard to shovel off the back deck. Finn, and hammer, followed. Scott set to shovelling and Finn climbed up his playstructure and, again, set to pounding on things. This was their conversation:

Finn: Uh oh. Looking over the edge of the playstructure and into the deep snow below him.
Scott: Uh oh what?
Finn: I lost the hammer Dada.
Scott: How did you lose the hammer Finn?
Finn: I threw it in the snow.
Scott: Why did you throw it in the snow?
Finn: I was using it as my boomarang hammer. (NOTE TO SELF: this child may be playing too many video games if everything in his mind can become a boomarang.)
Scott: Did it come back?
Finn: No. Not very well.
Scott: That's because it is a hammer. Not a boomarang. Be glad it didn't come back at you.
Finn: Are you mad at me Dada, that I lost your hammer?
Scott: No, Finny, we'll find it in the spring.

So. Right.

Lessons here are as follows:
  1. Hammers do not make very good boomarangs. (This really is a good thing.)
  2. Walking under Finn on the play structure can be a dangerous. And:
  3. Don't lend Finn your hammer.

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