December 30, 2010

A New Look

The new look is for a reason. I am, in effect, trying to start over.

My New Year's resolution (shouldn't we call these things revolutions) is to maintain the blog this year. I am going to post, at minimum, once weekly but will try to do this more frequently.

I still have a minor computer issue to resolve but shy of that I will be back up and running in the New Year.

Happy New Year my friends, family and random passers by!

September 13, 2010

September already

I'm not quite sure where the summer went but it must have been fun for it to have gone by so quickly! The kids did camp, swimming lessons and visits with granparents. We rented a cabin at Clear Lake as a family and has a week of awsome weather and playing in the pool. Scott and I each did a separate trip: me to Penticton for my cousin Lisa's wedding and him to Niagara Falls for a Bar Association conference. Both of us had awesome trips. At the end of August we had a family function out at our place. Awesomer!

Summer was great. The sun was warm, the pool was wet and life was good. Now we are trying to figure out our routine for the fall. No complaints- just good things to come.

March 25, 2010

#2 dance recital- check! Happy Birthday Scott!

The girls finished their year at dance class last night with their second dance recital this week. We are now done dance for the year. Both girls are completely wiped but did very well in their respective performances. Julie came to watch Monday's performance and we had 3 grandparents on hand for last night's show.We are all very proud of both of our tiny dancers. I have class pictures to post later today.

It is Scott's birthday today! His parents were out last night for the dance recital so they got to share the day, albeit briefly, before we left for work. His parents bought him the Cleveland 4 hybrid gold club that he liked so much in Palm Springs.

Norma also brought Scott a box of old pictures. These are fabulous! I will scan some of these and post them for general amusement.

March 23, 2010

It's wonderful to be a parent...

Scott took all of the kids to the doctor this morning. They have all nasty coughs and sore throats. The doctor lines them all up and asks them, in turn, what was wrong.

Olivia- (barking cough, squeaky voice and honking while breathing): Bad cough. Sore throat.
Georgia- (whispering because of sore throat.)- Bad cough. Sore throat.
Finn- (hanging his head and looking very sad): Sore leg and not enough milk.

Um… okay.

Olivia has croup. Georgia has a cold. And Finn is a perverse little 3 year old with a cold and an odd sense of humour. All that is missing is our typical series of ear infections and a rash and we’d be ready for a normal Abel family holiday.

I thought I’d share this parenting moment with you…hope you are well. Happy week before spring break.

March 10, 2010

March Madness

I kind of feel like this at work sometimes. I could just be cranky because I am working on regulations these days.


No, we are not missing in action. We're still here in Virden but tucked firmly into the routine of work and school and play when we get the chance. All is well.

February was insane for court work and trial for Scott. The girls are busy with school, piano, dance and Girl Guides. Finn has been busy with pre-school. And me, well, nothing new in my world. But all is good.

Everyone in our house is looking forward to the snow melting and all of us being able to spend more time outside. We have lost a lot of snow already but we still have a quite a way to go. The only snow we seem to have lost is that on top of the mud!

I have volunteered to help with the local 10K race to be held in Virden on May15th. I am excited about this and looking forward to the event. I won't likely participate in the event but I am happy to help plan it.

January 12, 2010

In which we try to get home... intact

I know it has been a while and I kind of left you all in lurch about what happened on the return trip home.

December 30th was a quiet day around the condo and the pool. Tam's friend Kathy and her daughter Emma (5) arrived to stay with Norma and Dave for a few days. The girls got on like a house on fire and stayed in the pool practically all day. We all went to ihop for breakfast much to Finn and Norma's delight. Everywhere we went over those 10 days away Finn asked for pancakes. And the little sweetheart won an even bigger spot in my heart when none of the ones found measured up to my pancakes. Scott and I started gathering and packing all that we had accumulated over the trip and all of Santa's gifts. Thank goodness I had packed another bag to bring stuff home. It was also a good thing that the Abels had their van to bring home our excess.

December 31- Time to leave. Wow the time went quickly. It was time to go home already. Hugs and kisses all around. Tam and her friends waved us goodbye and Norma and Dave took us to the airport for the last time. Between all of our coming and goings, car rentals etc Dave had been to the airport 8 times in about 10 days. The man, I am sure, now qualifies for specialty parking so something. Frequent parking miles at the least.

We all bundled up in our Manitoba most comfortable to make the trip home. I think Scott and I nearly passed out from the heat getting into the Palm Spring airport and through security. We were carrying a lot of stuff.

Finn saw take off but slept the rest of the flight and the girls played quietly and showed themselves to be very good little travellers. We were sure that we were back in Minnesota though when we got off the plane and could see our breath getting off the plane. Yep, we are getting closer to home.

Scott and I had tried to manage several plans of action on what we would do with our 5 hour layover between our flight and the train that would take us back to Minot. Ultimately, being New Years Eve, most of those plans fell through or were re-evaluated as bad plans. We needed something where the kids could roam but where we wouldn't have to deal too much with our massive load of luggage. So we got ourselves a hotel room for a couple of hours... yes, we brought the kids too.

We arrived at the train station in lots of time to check our luggage and for Finn to pee every five minutes out of boredom. Scott was grudgingly impressed how each time he managed to squeeze out a few drops of pee just to make the claim legit. Our train arrived and left on time. We got seats all together on the train this time and the kids fell asleep quickly. Scott and I each saw midnight. I am pretty sure that was our first midnight kiss for New Years in a few years. Yeah, I know, we are old and boring. Tammy reminded us frequently.

It was a really cold night. And we got back to Minot to see that it had snowed 25 inches in the time we had been away. No joke. That is a LOT of snow! and FYI it does not take long to get used to warm weather when you have it. I know, few of you have any sympathy but it was bugger cold!

to be continued...