May 26, 2013

Sun's Out! Guns Out! 2013

Black Friday Shopping Crew, Cali style.
(left to right: Lana, Corinna, Me, Hez, Stacey)

Corrina: Don't take a picture now! It's going to look like we are eating guacamole and cheesecake for dinner.  Oh right, that IS what we are eating for dinner. BEST. DAY.EVER!
 The Sun's Out, Guns Out pose.
Arms made super strong from hours and hours of shopping.
Like, marathon-long shopping.
Gratuitous bathing suit shot

Disney Girls

Here`s to 5 grown women playing by the pool; to the cannon ball contest, which had nothing whatsoever to do with the mudslides we were drinking at 9:30am; to wrestling with the floaty in the pool and to laughing so hard my face hurt.

Thanks for the fun trip.