February 6, 2011

2nd Highest Holiday: SUPER BOWL!!

Okay People! This is a Big Day. I have more than a few things to do before our guests, the two biggest Super Bowl fans ever, arrive. (Okay- they could really care less about the Super Bowl but they like the food and tolerate the football to watch the commercials while having our kids jump all over them. Theys good people.)

It was a rough week last week for me for many reasons and I was very much looking forward to the weekend. It has been a good weekend so far. Here are just a few reasons why:

  1. Super Bowl. Weren't you paying attention above. I'm cheering for the Green Bay Packers, not the aledged rapist. I am going to win $5 from my dad.
  2. I picked up comic books and Littlest Pet Shop (LPS) purchases. Finally the kids can stop worrying that their money has been stolen by ebay.
  3. Wayne was successful in getting day tickets to the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con. Geek Fest 2011 is so officially On! I'd get us t-shirts printed but that would only further prove the point.
  4. Lana and I spent yesterday with a deeply satisfying day of retail therapy and Mexican food in Minot, ND. SWEET! It was a good day.
  5. One of my best purchases yesterday was the pattern and fabric for two new dresses and a jacket. Yes, I am going to try find time to sew in my spare time too. (Yeah, please don't tell Scott that I have found yet another diversion from knitting his sweater. Shh. It will our little secret.)
  6. I got snow pants for the kids -ON SALE- for next year. ($11/each @ Target. Woot! Woot!)

That's it. Those are my accomplishments for the weekend so far. This afternoon will consist of laundry, cooking, frantic cleaning (alternated with periods of shouting at the kids for assistance in picking up their multitude of LPS) groceries, knitting and football followed by Glee.

Life is good. Happy Super Bowl People!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a weekend.
    Doesn't hurt that your team won!