January 16, 2011

A short Finnism...

We have two different way to get to our house within our subdivision. Finn likes to go around the long way and often asks for us to drive that way. Scott and Finn were in Scott's car when Finn asks for him to go around the long way. Scott, who was in a hurry to get home, said no that they would go the normal way today. Finn was upset and started to cry. This was their conversation:

Finn: Can you go around that way Daddy?
Scott: Not this time. We need to get home quickly.
Finn: starting to cry. But I want to go that way.
Scott: Don't cry we'll go that way another time.
Finn: I just need a minute to grieve. sniffling.
Scott: Pardon me? What did you say?
Finn: I'll stop crying in a minute I just need a minute to grieve.
Scott turning his head and biting his cheek so as to not laugh out loud.

Right. So he's grieving.

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