February 27, 2011

A quick note

Yes, we are all still alive. It was a very good weekend and like all good times it seemed to have gone by extra fast.

The kids were in Brandon for gymnastics AND for a sleepover weekend with Aunt Tammy. Tam rented a hotel room at a hotel with a kids' theme room and a water slide. Aunt Tammy is kool! Norma and Dave drove to Brandon for the day for a visit too.

The sleepover actually allowed Scott and I to get out on a date. And for those of you who are scoffing- we stayed out way past 9:30pm! Hoo Ha! We then ended up watching the movie Grown Ups with Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Chris Rock. We must have been in the mood for a silly slap-stick movie because we both actually laughed, a lot, and managed to stay awake through the whole thing.

Other Sundry:
  • Mom is off to Hawaii tomorrow. She is very excited. Dad's batching it for a month. I suspect in the next month he'll be eating a lot of chips and cheese or Mexican food as he calls it.
  • Heather's birthday is this week and she leaves for Hawaii next weekend! Have fun Hez!
  • I am very concerned about my friend Corinne, in France. Her father had a stroke last week and I haven't heard back from her yet as to his condition.
  • I am watching the Oscars. I generally love watching the Oscars but I have to say that this year I am having a real hard time staying engaged. It might have something to do with the fact that I have seen exactly three of the movies mentioned throughout the entire evening.
  • I am supposed to be on a 28 days fast from sugar. It is NOT going well. I managed to go a solid 3 hours on the first day before I mindlessly stuffed a donut in my face at a meeting and then remembered what I was supposed to be doing. D'OH! Lana keeps encouraging me to keep trying and to start again. I have been honest with her and have renegotiated to only do 7 days of sugar-freeness as that seems to be my limit but at this rate it will take me 28 days to accomplish if I have to keep starting over.
  • On a completely unrelated note: this afternoon I made coconut cupcakes and cream cheese icing for a co-worker's birthday tomorrow. The kids really don't like them so I expect that I will have more than a few Day 1s this week. I also cut up some fruit in case I actually feel like NOT having any sugar for a day or so.
  • I'm not really sure how it happened but I managed to spread more than 5 drops of blue food colouring onto my right hand this afternoon while answering the phone and baking cupcakes. I am honestly perplexed as to how this happened as the cupcakes are not blue but I am thankful that I have dark counter tops and the kitten has dark colouring. Scott has accused me of doing rude and sexually inappropriate things to a smurf.
  • Anyone have any idea of how to get food colouring off your skin without acid or steel wool?

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