February 9, 2011

About Georgia

Georgia a new friend. Her name is Sasparilla and she is Georgia's Tooth Fairy. She visited us again last night to trade tooth #4 for $2. Good deal for a tooth.

I may have mentioned last fall that G had 6 loose teeth. And was, in fact, becoming shark-like by growing a second row of bottom teeth. (I believe she is an orthodontist's dream but we'll find that out as she gets a little older.) It has only been in the last few months that these teeth have started coming out. Well... been pulled out. Scott has had to pull each one as Georgia has been content enough to let them dangle. Georgia has been very brave. So brave that we are now on a first name basis with the Tooth Fairy.
This was G's Nanny McFee look.

Georgia has been leaving small notes for the Sasparilla to fill out at each visit. We have learned that Sasparilla has short purple hair, green eyes and pink skin. She is small and lives with her sisters. Sasparilla is good friends with Santa and they apparently play tennis together in their off time.

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