December 30, 2009

December 28- in which we visit the ocean, Sears and the zoo

Today's plan was to drive to San Diego. We had a planned stop at La Jolla to see the ocean and pick some shells and then we were going to the San Diego Zoo for the day.

Well, we did all of those things but we had a bit of a side trip.

La Jolla is a beautiful seaside town just outside of San Diego and right on the ocean. We watched surfers, chased seagulls and collected seashells. When it was time to leave we discovered that Dave's back tire was flat.

Dave called CAA and the kids were off to play on a play structure while we waited. The spare tire was stuck under the van so a quick tow to the nearest tire service station was required. This brought us to Sears and a short stop over at a mall for lunch while we waited.

The tire was fixed and then we were off to the zoo. It was the Diego Zoo as far as Finn was concerned. We saw snakes, birds, a tiger, two hippos, many warthogs, 5 elephants, gazelles, a few giraffes and various other animals. It is a really cool zoo and a place that you could spend many days discovering instead of just a few hours. It was dark through most of our tour so I didn't get many pictures but it is a very neat place.

Again, it was a very quiet ride home as it was our second very busy day in three days. We enjoyed the freeways and the ease of transportation in getting from one place to another.

And, oh yeah, it was my birthday today too. I had a good day.

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