December 21, 2009

December 18- Leaving

The day has finally come... the day that we leave for Palm Springs on our first Christmas away from home. We will be meeting up with Scott's family in Palm Springs. We have a pretty convoluted trip planned on how to get there:

Step One: drive to Minot. ( Dec 18)

Step Two: get on the Amtrak to Minneapolis. (Dec 19)

Step Three: a full day in Minneapolis (Mall of America is calling!)

Step Four: flight to Palm Springs (Dec 20)

We had packed the night before so all we had to do was set out Margaret's food and water (Thanks again Barb, Will and Wayne!), turn off the water and get us and all of our stuff out into the van.

The kids really do not have much of a sense of distance as it relates to our trip. Our first leg was heading down Minot to catch the Amtrak train. The kids were asking if we were there yet by the time we were near Pipestone. Um, sorry kids we're not even close.

The US border guards gave us a strange look when we described our travel plans. His question was "why aren't you just driving to Minneapolis?"

The Amtrak station in Minot was very easy to find and we arrived in time for our train. We packed light although you'd never know it to see us hauling out 5 suitcases, 2 carry-ons, 3 teddy bears, and 3 car seats to the train. Mommy and Daddy pack mules in the house! The kids had assured us that they would be able to pull their own suitcases but apparently they meant only part of the time. And not now.

We got on the train and found seats mostly together. Scott was with Finn and the girls and I were further back in the same car. The kids all fell asleep once the train started but I was too paranoid that someone would try to steal my kids so I stayed awake. Yes, I do understand how riduculous I am when it comes to that but I can't help it. I have issues about sleeping in public and this was not going to be the place where I would break my internal rules.

The train was okay but I am glad it was a night train and that the kids would sleep most of the trip. The seats are large and comfortable although we were in the last seats next to the door to the next car, which also happened to be the dining car. There was lots of traffic back and forth. The kids slept well and were excited when we pulled into Minneapolis early on Saturday morning.

We all made it to Minneapolis, luggage and all car seats. Step one: check!

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