December 22, 2009

December 20- In which we arrive in Palm Springs and Jen visits the hospital again

We are all packed up and ready to head to the airport. I have another bout of rash on my arms and stomach but it was decided that 2 Benadryl would suffice and that I wasn't swelling fast enough to require medical attention.

The kids are so excited about this last leg of the trip. The airport is busy, of course, so we are mindful that everyone has to be carrying their suitcases and following along. We look like a cat herders gathering the kids and directing them towards the gates.

Georgia had some minor problems stepping onto the escalator. Scott just propped her forward and set his attention to the next kids. Three steps up Georgia lost her footing and fell backwards- now she was laying down and heading up the escalator feet first shouting "Daddy! Daddy!" Bags and bears everywhere. Scott hot-footed it up the stairs and righted her. He then had to run down the up escalator to get back to the rest of us. Apparently the kids are not as skilled on escalators as we had thought. We used the stairs after this.

The plane boarded on time but took off late after de-icing. Finn was asleep before the plane even took off! (Thanks to half a tablet of Gravol! Bad mother, Bad mother!) The kids did really well on the plane. We were in the very back row of the plane and the flight attendants were very generous with drinks and snacks. We read, played cards, watched and listened to ipods, coloured and wrote stories.

We arrived in Palm Springs to warm but over cast weather. The Abels were there waiting for us and so was all of our luggage. The Abels drove us a short while to the condo. Our condo is gorgeous! It is a very chic ~1200 sqft two bedroom condo. We have an amazing view of the mountains and the pool area. The kids are so excited to get to the pool after all of the events of the past few days.

We settled in at our condo and then popped over to the Abel's condo for a quick boo there too. It was at this point that I settled in for a nap (my meds were making me very tired.) I was not keen to swim in chlorinated water with my rash. So every one went down to the pool and I settled into a big and comfy chair.

Fast forward a little while later I wake and grab a handful of nuts and bolts to munch on while walking to the pool to meet up with the family. I guess in that small handful of snacks there was a small nut and by the time I got to the pool and our condo I was all swollen and hive-y again. I was not sure what to do- take more meds? Wait it out with Benadryl? So I panicked my mother with a quick phone call for Uncle Jim's phone number and then hung up on her. (bad daughter, bad daughter!)

And soon enough I was off to hospital #2 for yet another shot in the ass of meds that will make me tired! Odd thing is that the diagnosis from this hospital is almost 100% different than what I was told previously in Minneapolis and they told me to stop taking those meds and gave me new ones. Deep sigh- I don't know what to do but be careful of what I am eating from here on out.

NOTE TO SELF: make appointment for allergy testing when I get home.

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