December 24, 2009

December 21, 22 and 23- In which we get used to the warm and go golfing

The next few days are filled with short trips to Targets, Walmarts and grocery stores. We are getting the lay of the land, so to speak. We have tucked in and trying to get used to the time change. The Scott and the kids are awake before 6am each morning. Ugg!

Scott and I took off for a quick shopping trip to a book store and to an alleged comic book store (of course)at locations that Scott has found in the phonebook. But when we arrive at the address for the comic book store Scott is disappointed to find that it is now a gun store. They were having a 2-for-1 sale on handguns...Right...Good to know. Scott did not buy a handgun. He muttered all the way home.

The weather has been overcast for the first few days and down right windy on the 21rst. Sand storms were coming off the mountains and blowing sand across the interstate highways as we drove. It is very mindful of the weather at home, sort of. We've been watching the weather channel (this seems to be Norma's hobby) and we see what is happening weather wise at home and we are glad that we are here. Glad to hear that Mom & Dad made it to Heather's place safely BEFORE the storm.

Tammy arrived safely on the 22nd and the kids were very excited to have another play mate. We've had many pool parties and BBQ at pool side each day in the afternoon. The kids are well tired each night when it is bed time. Scott and I are not too far behind them! Well, you know that Scott and I have always been well known party-types but we are subduing our normal party animal selves for the sake of the kids. Um, yeah... for the sake of the kids.

On the 23rd Dave, Scott and I went golfing in the afternoon. We played at Dave's favourite course, Desert Dunes. I cannot even describe the happiness of that afternoon. (DEEP sand traps and flubbed shots aside. ) I doubt I taught Dave any new words but think I may have shocked him at the depth and creative breadth of my swearing ability. The sun was high. The wind was calm. The temperature was (I'm guessing) 24C. The course was, of course, challenging. There were undulating hills, copious sand traps (it is the desert I was reminded several times). Skill was required to land on the greens and to stay there! I had little skill but we all played well- especially on the back 9.

Dave and I were equally jealous at Scott's natural golfing ability. Having only golfed twice this past year he still managed to beat the pants off both of us at golf. BTW: Anyone looking for an idea for Scott for a birthday gift- he'd like a Clevland 4 hybrid (24 degree)!

After each hole I would look at my surroundings and remind myself that I was not in Virden- or even Manitoba and that life was good. I can really understand why Norma and Dave have enjoyed it here for some many years in the winter time. It is sunny and warm without being too hot. Life here is as fast as you want it to be.

Although I do have some observations about Palm Springs in general. I haven't travelled enough to say if it applies all over the South or if it just applies here but everything is... empty. We've been to new mall areas and the parking lots are empty- days before Christmas! They have huge box malls and Super Targets and they all seem to have more staff than customers. You'd never know it is Christmas in days from now.

The golf course was the same thing. We booked on-line for an afternoon tee-time and got on for $28/ person. That was a round of 18 AND a cart! This is a course that has hosted PGA tournaments and there was no one there!

We bought a skinny Charlie Brown Christmas tree for the kids. It is an ugly thing but it will do the trick.

I will post pictures when I get home. I thought that I had packed all of the cords but apparently I didn't. Pictures will follow when we get home.

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