December 22, 2009

December 19- Part 2- In which Jen visits the hospital

So we all went back to the hotel for some quiet time... okay, Scott and I needed a nap! So we put on a movie and all laid down. Scott and I fell alseep almost instantly.

After an hour or so I woke up with a very itchy neck. It started with absent minded scratching and quickly started feeling like it was hot and burning. I finally clued in that this was not a normal amount of itching so I got up and looked in the mirror. My neck was covered in big red hives!

I lifted my shirt and found that my body was covered in violent red blotches and budding hives. It was getting worse, quickly. We decided that I needed to get to a hospital quickly. Scott stayed in the room with the kids and I got myself a taxi.

Short version of a long story: the doctor I saw could not pin point the cause of my reaction. I got a dose of prednizone and a shot of epinephrine and my hives went away fairly quickly. He figured it was my prescription for my sinus infection- even though I have taken the same meds many times before with no reaction. This doctor said that it is possible to develop sudden allergies to things I've had before. I left with a new prescription and several warnings.

The best lesson I learned today was how quickly you get attention in the ER when you say you are having an allergic reaction! I was very impressed with the hospital and the care that they gave me. I haven't seen the bill so I expect that I'll be paying for the attention.

Scott figures it was my salad at lunch- it contained nuts. I have never been allergic to nuts but neither have I ever had an issue with my prescriptions.

By the time I got home from the hospital it was too late to take the kids to the water slide. I felt like a jerk for having us stay at a hotel with an awesome water slide and then none of us being able to go. Daughter-in-law of Rash Man in the house!

We all went to bed early tired from the stress and the activities of the day. We also had an early flight to catch the next day. Hopefully tomorrow goes better.

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