September 13, 2009

School Time!

Back to school time. Or starting school time for two out of the three kids in our family. I thought that I would post some pictures of the glorious event.

Olivia: Grade 2- Mrs. Lifeso
Olivia was glad to be getting back to school and returning to normal routine. This year she'll be a Brownie and taking dance and piano lessons.

Georgia: Kindergarten- Mrs. P
Georgie is excited to start school! She got to ride the bus on her own for the frist time. This year she'll be a Spark and will be taking dance lessons.

Finn: Pre-school- Mrs. Lansing
Finn is estatic to actually be allowed to go to school with the girls. This is his first year of pre-school. His most used statement last week was " I'm so excited that school is open for me now!"

1 comment:

  1. OMG Jen they are all SO BIG!!!
    LOL I guess the 12 month outfit I bought for Finn won't fit him hey? OMG gotta get together soon...hugs & love from the davis clan