September 29, 2009

Calgary last week

Calgary was fine. The course was well worth my time- other than Wednesday morning when I felt slow and stupid trying to solve steps 2 through 10 in the revered Buckly Leverett method for water flood analysis. Right. Apparently I do not do nearly enough calculus-derivative type math anymore. I think that is why my employers have given me a computer and a calculator and access to a reservoir modeling program that will make both Buckly and Leverett it’s bitch.

I did not have Internet access in my room and was unable to blog while away. That makes this the 4th time I have taken my computer with me on a business trip to not be able to use it. You'd think that I would learn! I used it as a really heavy portable DVD player. Yes, I do know they have smaller and certainly lighter versions. I will look into it next business trip.

I had a great visit with Kelly and her adorable children Rachel and Kyle. They came to the hotel for a swim and a visit. Kelly and I also got an adult evening when we went out for dinner and dessert ourselves the following night. It was so nice to catch up face to face with someone I see so rarely and whose life is so much parallel to my own. I, of course, give myself too much credit in that statement. She is short, cute, brilliant and has 2 children instead of 3 but other than those tiny things were are quite similar.

Scott and the kids had a great week too- as expected. Although it is noteworthy to say that I don't know how we would function as well without Julie. Thank you Julie! This week were are all back to our regular schedule. Scott in trial, me in the office, and the kids in school and activities. We have one more week until dance starts for the girls. Gym for Finn and yoga for me will start mid-October so we have a few weeks to wait for that.

Olivia's 7th birthday is next week (OMG!) and we are considering the unthinkable.... a group friend birthday party for both Olivia and Georgia. We had the family party for G on the September long weekend and left off her friend party thinking she should go to school and make some new friends. Now September has practically disappeared and I don't have many choices left. Hopefully it doesn't prove too difficult. Wish me luck!


  1. Let's try this again.....Good Luck!!