September 13, 2009

Ahem... Hello...

I had an ephipany today. We were out at Clear Lake for the Western Bar Weekend and Bob Perry, owner of Thunderbird Cabins, was talking about putting pictures of the kids on his company webpage and how his daughter maintains a blog for family updates. And it hit me... I could do that too.

Can't I? Well, I guess we'll see.

Yes, I know. I do have a few things to be doing otherwise and they do seem to occupy my time quite fully. But I thought that this might be an excellent idea to accomplish a few things at once: (Mrs. Multi-Taskers in-da house!)

  1. I can keep family and friends updated with news and pictures without having to spend my evenings emailing pictures to those with small email capacity and dial-up. (You know who you are.)

  2. I have not been doing much writing of lately, so this gets me back into practice.

  3. I've always been a person who journals but I've never done a blog before- so I can learn something new.

So away we go.

As you all know I am a proud wife and mother who has more than a few opinions about life, the universe and everything. You'll find more than a few of these opinions posted here as time moves along.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Can you Twitter this? the abler tweets?

    Glad all is well! My first started school as well...the first one :-(.


  2. I may get there eventually but I'm not sure that i live an exciting enough life that everyone needs minute to minute updates on what we are doing. I don't have THAT much spare time.


  3. have opinions? no really lol
    wouldn't change you for the world :)
    I am so excited!!!
    welcome to bloggin life