September 20, 2009

Off to Calgary...

I'm trying hard to not feel giddy- I mean guilty- as I am just about to leave for a week long course in Calgary. I am leaving Scott here to be a single-parent for the week.

Calgary will be fun. The course I'm taking will be good and I am well overdue for some professional training. I will get to visit with my girlfriend Kelly Ann and her family. I might also do some shopping in my downtime. Yeah, I'll definitely do some shopping! I will try hard to not fester in the silence of my hotel room for the week- but I make no promises.

I expect that my room will have Internet connection so that I can stay up to date. But if I don't then I'll talk to you all next week when I get home!


  1. Bonjour la famille Abel !!!

    Ce Blog est une super idée. J'ai l'impression de me rapprocher de vous. Amusez-vous bien.
    à bientôt