June 24, 2012

Flew the coop

Our time as observers in the bird life cycle, like the school year, is drawing to a close. The kids have given the 3 chicks the unlikely names of Beezy, Brainy and Beatrice. (Editor's note: We assigned genders by the names that we picked and not based on any specific bird identification information,  plumage or otherwise. Knowing us the only one that is a male will be Beatrice. Whatever.)

Beezy was the strongest of the bunch and  I think he hopped away into one of the neighbouring yards a few days ago. Our fence is really only meant to contain flightless creatures or at least ones that are too short to be able to open the gate latch on their own. I think Beezy figured out that he has wings way before his siblings.

Yesterday morning there were only two little ones hopping around the yard.  This is what they looked like;  that is Brainy on the left and Beatrice on the right.

We started to put up the pool yesterday and were very careful to not have any baby bird sized lumps UNDER the pool.  The birds were mainly staying in the neighbourhood of the play structure so they were well out of the way. (So nice of us to build that giant play structure for birds, eh?)

This was taken this morning. George looked out the window and saw that one of the chicks was on the tire swing but I couldn't get my camera out in time. So I got this instead.

There really are 2 birds in this picture. Honest.
Brainy is taking the high view. And getting ready to fly away.
Beatrice still walking about.
She can fly too, I think, but not quite as well.
Shortly after these pictures were taken I saw Brainy fly away, sort of, into the neighbours yard.  He flew from the play structure to the fence (1 ft), hopped onto their shed (1 ft), slid down the incline to the ledge, jumped off the ledge and tried to fly to their deck (10 ft) missing the railing and plummeting to the ground. He's working on it. Let the bird learn.

It won't be long until Beatrice does the same. It has been interesting to watch the chicks grow so fast. Nature makes that necessary. My last thought on the birds was that I was glad that there were no cats in the yard because it seriously would have been like an all-you-can-eat buffet. And then I would have had to get all Cuckoo Momma Bird on that cat's ass.

And speaking of growing so fast... here is a picture of our crazy children in the pool this morning as the water is filling.  Note the pool is being filled with the hose from the outside of the house  I would estimate the water at about 10C, 15C tops. I do NOT foresee myself swimming today. Call me a princess, if you wish, but I do not think that I will be brave enough to get in until the heater can add at least 10C!

It is supposed to be +38C tomorrow, with the humidex. That will help.  Sure as hell can't hurt!

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