June 19, 2012

Cuckoo Momma Bird

A small robin is holding our back deck hostage. 

It started with a very persistent robin hopping around in our backyard. We kept calling her "cuckoo bird."  As in, " that cuckoo robin was sitting on the fence giving me the stink-eye again." Or "that stupid cuckoo bird is hopping around the backyard screaming at the kids again."

Since we have no trees we started looking around the play structure and the deck for a nest.  Clearly this bird had to be trying to defend something other than a wide open yard.

Scott found the nest under the deck. We weren't dealing with just a cuckoo bird we had a momma cuckoo bird on our hands. Everyone know that nothing makes you crazier than being a mom.

It was tucked up in a safe spot between the beams and under the top boards that we walk on. And directly under our BBQ. There was also an abandoned nest, maybe from last year. Scott pulled up a board so that we could all get a quick peek. Momma bird was shrieking at us from the fence.

We waited for a couple of weeks and noticed that cuckoo momma bird started getting a lot more aggressive each time we tried to cook anything on the BBQ or walk around the yard. Now she was dive bombing us and positively screaming at us each time we came onto the back deck.

I put my ear to the deck but could hear no little chirps. Scott pulled up the board again and look what we found.

We're not sure if there is a fourth chick buried underneath but my guess is that there will only be 3 to watch.

In the mean time... steer clear of of our deck unless you are wearing a hard hat. And  safety glasses might be a wise choice too.

To be continued...

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  1. Lucky birds to have such a thoughtful family to have adopted them. And stayed safe in a low place, unusual. Thought this was funny that you made sure the kids didn't touch the birds because they could get the plague from the birds, not that if you touch a baby bird its momma may reject him and toss him out on the street. And the article from the UK was about a man who tried to save a mouse from a cat (LMAO Who the hell does that!!!!) And he was not sure if the mouse bit him or if the cat bit him. My bet is the cat bit him. I once was stabbed in the hand with a fork from a brother when I reached for something on his plate. I held birds all my life J. And I mean a lot of different species. My mother made sure. Not really a lover of birds likie she wanted me to be though. And my kids hold gross chickens all the time too. ICK! From u know who!