August 23, 2012

It starts with a P.

Do you know what these are?

Olivia and Georgia have attended the Wise Kid-Netic Energy camp this past week and they do.  They built them, in fact. I am one proud momma engineer.

I love listening to kids as they learn new things and especially as they try to explain them to others. You can really see how their minds work. Our conversation went something like this:

Olivia & Georgia: Look! Look at what we made Mom! (Both pushing to put their own wooden item in front of me)
Me: Hey, these are awesome! Do they work?
Georgia: Yes! (pushing the plunger to make hers go up.) They are called cherry pickers.

Me: Are they now? How do they work?
Olivia: They lift stuff up.
Me: Yes, that is what they do but how do they work? What makes them go up and down?
Olivia: (pointing to this) This makes them go up and down.

Me: What is that called?
Georgia: A medicine giver. (smug and mischievous smile)
Me: Well, yes, that part is made out of something we have used to give medicine but what is that component called. I'll give you a hint, it starts with a P.
Olivia: No it doesn't. (shaking her head)
Me: Yes, I'm pretty sure it does. It's a piston. A hydraulic piston.
Olivia: That starts with an H not a P. (smug and mischievous smile)
Me: (Conceding the point to her smart/smart-mouthed child) Yes, I suppose you are correct. What's in the piston?
Georgia: Water with food colouring.
Me: Why water?
Georgia: Because water moves when you push it and it doesn't get squished by the medicine giver.
Me: I couldn't have said it better myself. (Beaming)

The girls LOVED this camp and it was money well spent as far as I am concerned. The only down side was that Finn was too young to have been able to have gone as well. Oh well, he'll get to go soon enough.

Tell me more Mrs. Science, indeed.


  1. O my word I love science!!!
    I love giving medicine!!!
    I fricken need one of those!!!

  2. Tuff enjoyed every minute of it too! Every year he has been so sad because it was the last day. He loved his "cherry picker" too. Glad the girls had fun there. NEXT YEAR>>>>>