April 26, 2012


I have something I am pretty excited about: my blog, which I started in 2009, has now had more than 6000 page views!  YEAH blog! Yeah YOU! Thank you for reading.

I started this blog as a way to try to keep our extended family informed about what we were doing- breaking news style. We aren't world travellers, poet laureates, or a family of hard-to-look-away-from circus folk. We are a normal busy family and generally have many things going on at any one time. I am a working mom with huge pride in my family, an interest in writing, a weird sense of humour, varied and somewhat random interests and a proclivity to over share. Sounds like I should be a natural blogger, no? Well, maybe.

I also started it as a way to practice my writing and to let my voice be heard. It may be a quiet voice right now (I'm fine BTW, thanks for asking) but I do have stuff to say. Being part of a family, in whatever shape or size, is a pretty amazing thing and lemme tell you something you already know, friend: time goes FAST. I have to write this stuff down because there is no way I am going to remember all of the firsts or the funny things the kids say and do in 5 weeks never mind 5-70 years. Life just moves way too fast and some things in life need to be savoured and replayed for posterity.

As a blogger I struggle with what to say and whether what I have to say adds any value.  It seems harmless telling funny stories about our family and whatever items triggers my mind and imagination today.  However, there are enough people on the Internet, radio and television who enjoy their own voice and talk just to talk or to stir controversy. I don't want to be one of those. And still... I blog.

So where does that leave us?  On the road to 10,000 page views BABY! I'm still going to blog but I think I am going to try to add more varied content.  I appreciate every reader but I'm thinking about how to expand readers beyond those who are related to me by blood and marriage. (I have lots of aunts and uncles! I am sure they and my mother make up at least 4500 of the 6000 views.)

Let's take a call...phone in question from a long time reader but first time caller:

Me: Go ahead caller.
Caller: Congrats on hitting 6000!
Me: Thank you. I'm pretty thrilled.
Caller: I like your blog just fine but you, like, only post every 2 months or so. Can you try a little harder to hold my interest maybe? And could you totally post post-op pictures of your uvula?
Me: Yes, I will. And, um, no, I won't! Do you even know what a uvula is?!

Point taken- it is hard to follow that which never changes. I will work harder on that. Pinky Swear.

For an erratic blogger over the past 3.5 years the numbers are not too shabby.  I am grateful that you take the time to stop by and read what it is I have to say. Come on back again. I'll try to make it worth your while without stooping to flashing my uvula. ;)


For your reading pleasure these are a few of MY favourite posts from this blog over the past few years:
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  5. I love to knit. This was my version of a love letter to the sweater that just would not end.

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