March 24, 2011

What is this... the third act of Romeo and Juliet?

I paraphrase but we have a plague about our house. This is becoming a really bad pre-vacation tradition.

Here's the tally: (so far)

Olivia: 2 ears infected, pink eye, virus and unconfirmed strep throat
Georgia: fever, unconfirmed strep throat
Finn: confirmed strep throat, lump on his neck (swollen lymph node), fever, bad patch of eczema on his leg, pink eye
Jen: confirmed strep throat, UTI or kidney stones (Please be only really bad UTI!)
Scott: pink eye

Our family has become the poster family for the number one reason why other people hate to fly on the same plane as families. We are even less popular than crying or colicy babies and the chatty person in the adjacent seat that wants to talk about her bunion surgeries or her aching hemmoroids. Yep, that's us.

All I have to say is... Awesome! And when I say awesome I really mean F***!

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