March 27, 2011

We're here!

All is well. We arrived in Palm Springs safely. Although I would like to say that keeping 3 very tired kids awake and maneuvering them through the Las Vegas airport was easier in thought than in reality. We got everyone into the rental van and off we went. We left Las Veags at 11pm local time (1 am for our brains). Scott drove and we arrived at the condo just before 3am. Julie had everything all ready for us and after some brief hellos we all fell into bed, gratefully. To say the kids are excited to be spending time with Julie is a bit of an understatement. All of the kids keep randomly blurting out how happy they are to be with Julie in Palm Springs. They want to show her everything but mostly the pool! So far we have explored the grocery store (for snacks) and the local Target (for stuff). We've swam and ate at Ruby's. Life is good. We've driven out Cabazon but only as a teaser shop because Scott was frantic to buy some Crocs. The only reason he wants them is to annoy me as I think they are the ugliest shoes ever- they offend me on levels I can hardly describe. But when we found a small store that sold them he did not buy them because they were $40! Uh, yeah. He thought they were $8 everywhere- just like the faux-crocs at Walmart. We planned on walking around a little bit but it was cold and windy on the Cabazon side of the mountain where it had been sunny and warm in Palm Springs and we were all dressed for Palm Springs. So we didn't get very far. I would just like to note for the record that so far SCOTT has bought 4 pairs of shoes (well 3 pairs of shoes and 1 pair of faux-crocs), 4 shirts, 2 ties and 1 t-shirt. But don't worry... Julie and I will get back later. It was a easy bedtime for us last night. The formula is: a little bit of sun and warm+ swimming+ a very busy week+ a previous day of long travel = a good nights sleep. Scott, Julie and forced ourselves to stay up until 9:30pm before we all gave up and called her a night. There are only so many episodes of Drive-in, Diners and Dives we can watch without needing to eat.

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