March 23, 2010

It's wonderful to be a parent...

Scott took all of the kids to the doctor this morning. They have all nasty coughs and sore throats. The doctor lines them all up and asks them, in turn, what was wrong.

Olivia- (barking cough, squeaky voice and honking while breathing): Bad cough. Sore throat.
Georgia- (whispering because of sore throat.)- Bad cough. Sore throat.
Finn- (hanging his head and looking very sad): Sore leg and not enough milk.

Um… okay.

Olivia has croup. Georgia has a cold. And Finn is a perverse little 3 year old with a cold and an odd sense of humour. All that is missing is our typical series of ear infections and a rash and we’d be ready for a normal Abel family holiday.

I thought I’d share this parenting moment with you…hope you are well. Happy week before spring break.

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