March 25, 2010

#2 dance recital- check! Happy Birthday Scott!

The girls finished their year at dance class last night with their second dance recital this week. We are now done dance for the year. Both girls are completely wiped but did very well in their respective performances. Julie came to watch Monday's performance and we had 3 grandparents on hand for last night's show.We are all very proud of both of our tiny dancers. I have class pictures to post later today.

It is Scott's birthday today! His parents were out last night for the dance recital so they got to share the day, albeit briefly, before we left for work. His parents bought him the Cleveland 4 hybrid gold club that he liked so much in Palm Springs.

Norma also brought Scott a box of old pictures. These are fabulous! I will scan some of these and post them for general amusement.

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  1. hope you are ok my girl :)
    send me your home email addy so we can chat :)