October 27, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Sorry, I haven't posted since last week. We've been quite busy around the house with activities and parties hosted by us.

I had a jewelery party last week too. Thanks to everyone who ordered. I closed the party yesterday and our product should be here late this week.

The girls finally got their friend birthday party. We went to the Costume Closet and had a great dress up party! We had about 12 kids there and they all had a great time. I will post pictures but just not today. Then everyone came back to our house for a brief play and cupcakes. The girls enjoyed themselves. The house, however, looked like a cyclone went through.

This week the only changes from the normal is that both Georgia and Finn will get their H1N1 vaccines. (Only they qualify this go around.) And the kids have several Halloween parties through activities and school during the week. This year our family will be dressed as The Incredibles. All 5 of us. I have made us t-shirts and we all have black masks. Don;t worry- there will be a photo record of this.

It is Halloween later this week! My high holiday. Check your local listings for the standard Charles Schulz classic "The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown." Of course you could always go with any of the horror classics if you are feeling brave. (Halloween, Saw 1-5, Hellraiser etc.)

Scott is also very excited that this week is the Winnipeg Comic Convention (or ComicCon for those who speak geek). Scott and Wayne have been planning on going since last year. Both were quite upset when they found that the Wpg ComicCon was at the same time as our trip to Vegas. There was pouting. But they are keen to go this year. Will and I are happy to let them go alone.

Funny Story: Scott was at home yesterday with the kids as Julie needed the day off for personal reasons. He was laying on the couch reading a BOOK.

Georgia came up to him and exclaimed "Daddy! You are reading a book. I didn't know that you could read. I am so proud of you!"

Two minutes later Olivia came into the room and saw the same thing. "Daddy, you 're reading a chapter book! You know those books don't have any pictures, right?"

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  1. I waiting for those pictures! Hez