October 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Olivia!

Olivia is 7 years old today! She is 7 going on 13!

Scott drove into Winnipeg on Monday night after work and was bemoaning the fact that he was missing Monday Night Football while he was driving- just like he missed MNF 7 years ago on the night Olivia was born. Somehow the things he remembers most about the night of Monday October 7, 2002- of course aside from becoming a father for the first time- is that Minnesota was playing the Bears. And that he was so occupied that he forgot to get his free pizza from Dominos for fathers in waiting.

I remember the night very clearly. My main moment was the moment just after she was born and I was waiting for the doctor (or Scott) to tell me about the baby. I think that moment goes in sort of slow motion for mothers delivering vaginally. The moment the baby is out is such a huge physical relief but there is a different kind of anxiousness that builds in those scant seconds between the delivery and the announcement.

I remember the doctor telling me it was a girl. And my main thought was "I know." Followed shortly by "Just give her to me already."

Olivia's in-vitro name was Mabel. We had called her a "she" from the very start. It could have gone either way- and I would have loved the baby all the same- but I was so very glad that she was a girl! And that she was healthy and intact and most importantly... alive. I stressed about that and I knew the only way that I could put that feeling to rest was to hold her in my arms and see her with my own eyes.

And finally there she was. Her little skinny body and her enormous head. In all her red headed glory. (Genetics are a weird and random thing.) Ten perfect little fingers and ten perfect little toes. And both Scott and I knew that our lives would never be the same again- in the best possible way. Our hearts grew exponentially that day. The night she was born we though that our hearts could not possibly grow any bigger with love and pride for our new baby girl. What did we know?! We were very new at the parent thing.

And that bring us today... today Olivia is still a red head and has thankfully grown into the size of her head. But she is also infuriatingly smart, funny, caring, brave, self assured, affectionate, polite, a good big sister, a good friend, a talented artist and budding musician, a dedicated student, an enthusiastic reader, a great swimmer and an exceptional daughter. We could not be more proud of that little girl.

Happy Birthday, Baby!

(I'll post some pictures of her a little bit later today.)


  1. Happy Birthday Olivia

    Love Uncle Michael, Aunt Heather, Quentin, Colton and Chili

    We will be seeing you this weekend.

  2. Happy birthday to O.