October 15, 2012

Checked Another Thing off the Someday List

Scott and I had a really good weekend! We went to Las Vegas with our good friends Will and Wayne to see Madonna! 

This was a pretty exciting event for two of us and, well... tolerated by the other two. I'll leave it to you to guess who is who in that scenario.

I've mentioned my Someday List before... well, I just checked off another 2 items:
  • Attend a concert for a big star.* Check!
  • And have really good seats.** Check!

The Material Girl, in person.
Technically speaking I have checked the first one off several times as Scott and I have seen several big name concerts like Metallica, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Van Halen etc. I enjoyed all of those concerts but this one was kind of special in that we had to travel to get to the concert.

We found it kind of funny while people watching before the show to see the wide variety of age groups attending the concert. Some of that might have had to do with the price point for tickets or that we were in Vegas, after all. But I think it says more about the age of her fan base.

Will had been amused last week when telling one of his students that he was seeing Madonna in concert soon. The eight year old responded with "Madonna? Never heard of her. Have fun anyways."

My hair may be mostly grey now but I do not consider myself old. Not by any stretch. I turn 40 this year and as far as I am concerned I am just getting started. The best is yet to come.

Thanks Madonna for putting on a fun and entertaining show! And for still being around and relevant enough to have huge world tours when I -finally- had the means to see you in concert. You rock!

Vegas was awesome! I had a great time, guys. Thanks for the happy and fun memories!

* I would just like to say that I was pretty young when I wrote some of this list and going to a concert was kind of a big deal for me then. It wasn't something I was typically allowed to do.
** Being able to GO to a concert was one thing but being able to get seats where I could actually clearly see the spidery veins on the back of the star's hands- and not just be in the same zipcode as the star/group- was another. AWESOMER!

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