September 3, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday Georgia!

It is Georgia's 8th birthday today.
In her honour I will tell you 8 wonderful things about Georgia:
1. Georgia is a very kind and generous sister and friend. She is the little "mother hen" of any play group.

2. Georgia is very funny and has a very infectious laugh. She is the kid that is hardest to yell at because she can make you laugh when you are trying to be serious.
3.Georgia has her own unique sense of style.  She enjoys bright colours.
She wore this bathing suit  & cap
for an entire summer!


4. Georgia likes stuffed animals. We hope she grows out of this before the house is overrun.
This is Georgia at bedtime.
Enough already!
Grandma Abel, I am looking at YOU!
5.Although she is very easygoing she has a titanium backbone and CANNOT be convinced of something different once she has made up her mind.
She said she wanted her hair all kinky.
Apparently she changed her mind.
6. Georgia is a smart cookie! Her current favourites are science; especially sharks and dinosaurs.

Look what we made at Science Camp!

7.Georgia is a budding gymnast. She works hard at her sport and bends like she has no bones!
8. Georgia makes Scott and I very proud to have her as our daughter.
I swear this was just yesterday!
We love you baby. Happy Birthday!