January 30, 2012

OK... Enough Already!

Pardon me, this will only take a minute...

Sweeping Declaration

I, Totally Random Jen, offer the most sincere and humble apologies to whatever cosmic force I have offended whether it be by action or inaction. I do not recall having been such a bugger-head* to anyone within the past while to be so deserving of the extra-ordinary karmic butt kicking I am currently experiencing but, clearly, it must have been really bad. I am truly sorry for whatever I did to offend.


* Work not included. Hey! That IS in my job description on occasion.

Ok, got that done.
Letting the air clear....

I know I have been absent for nearly a month but it wasn't intentional. I have been quite busy. And I do not want to rehash the drama of the past month- it is too much like complaining and I hate complaining.

Instead I will list a few AWESOME things that have happened this month: (I will try to insert pictures at a later date.)

  1. Our nephew and cousin Quentin turned 18! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And he celebrated by letting his friends shave his head (weird Saskatchewan tradition?!) and getting his lip pierced. (I think his mom is kinda freaking.)

  2. We had friends and their kids travel all the way out to visit us for the weekend. Three hours is a long time in the car with kids that are not accustomed to travelling that far. We are grateful they like us well enough to have done it. We had a great weekend.

  3. I completed my first pair of socks and they are kinda fabulous. I call them my Ottawa Socks. Made with Chloe and Spud Fine sock yarn, in Lipstick.

  4. I got myself a KNIT CLUB! We call ourselves Knit Club. (First rule of Knit Club is no one talks about Knit Club.) Scott calls us the Knitwits.

  5. Antibiotics are great! Fabulous invention!

  6. To the nurses, doctors, dentists and vets who have presented the absolutely awesome news that "it isn't broken", "it isn't a concussion", "the teeth don't need to be pulled" and "30 days of antibiotics ought to clear that right up!"

February will be better. I am counting on it!

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