December 23, 2011

The Ugly Sweater/Shirt

It is a point of irony, and perhaps a sign of the coming Apocalypse, that I am trying to boost the Christmas spirit at my workplace today. I am hosting an Ugly Sweater/Shirt Contest. Bonus points go to those who wear Christmas sweaters.

What do you think? I think that I may have it clinched.

Yes, that is a homemade shirt complete with picture of me in elf hat (grinning like a lunatic) and holding my cats. Howard looks amusingly pissed at being forced to participate in such activities. I am wearing HUGE gobs of makeup, fake lashes, epilepsy inducing earrings and I spent an hour making my hair big and curly this morning. I was aiming for Crazy Christmas Cat Lady/Drag Queen but the kids think I look beautiful and wonder why I don't dress like this every day! Those are the kind eyes of love speaking, people.

I may be starting a whole new dressing up trend for Christmas... what do you think of Hallomas? I may just have investigate getting that trademarked!

1 comment:

  1. The sweather isn't bad but the earings, OH MY....