October 31, 2011

Plants VS Abels

I love Halloween. Have I ever mentioned this? Every year it is my free-play at being completely silly and ridiculous. Of late we have tried to dress as a family or go with a theme. This year was based on our favourite family game on the ipad: Plants VS Zombies. (Don't judge me. It teaches planning and...gardening ... and... and... brain protection.)

You can see here in our 2011 Christmas card shot that we are: Balloon Zombie, Pylon Zombie, Newspaper Zombie, Crazy Dave and Zombie. (Would have been Flag Zombie if some one's mother had remembered to make him a flag at any point before we left the house.) Whew! nearly got my brains ate over that one!

Invading your neighbourhood soon!

...Eating the trees and plants protecting the house...

And, of course, Crazy Dave asking for bacon while giving sage advice on how to protect your home from the zombie hordes. (Are those my good pots?!)

We invited our friends Bonnie and Kevin and their sons Colten and Carson to join us for dinner and some trick or treating this evening. Colten and Finn are the same age and get along really well. Carson is only a few years younger. So we all gobbled our dinner and then all started getting into our costumes. I started putting make up on the kids and they were extra eager to show their friends their very scary make up.

I guess Olivia came downstairs and genuinely scared Carson. The shrill scream that filled the basement had the cats running for cover and Carson quivering, in tears, behind his father. It took some convincing but he finally came out of the basement to join the fun. But I will note that he walked behind the rest of us all evening.

I am soooo sorry that we scared you.


And last, but certainly not least, is the Wizard Bonnie!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL. I hope you had a few (minor) frights and many good treats!

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